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I used to be very sceptical of the Bible, but at least I knew that everything didn’t happen by chance… Deep down, I knew that if I found the Bible to be true, then I would have to admit that the way I was living my life would have to change. That was really what kept me from seeking God and reading the Bible. I also didn’t want to hear all of this from Christian friends. They weren’t perfect either, right? Sometimes they made mistakes too! They shouldn’t judge me!

Here’s a news flash… True Christians don’t judge you. They try to help you understand what God is trying to get through to all of us. Yes, I know there are some Christians who are fake and only use the word Christian to describe themselves when it’s convenient for them. Perhaps they aren’t true Christians after all, I don’t know. I can tell you that they won’t claim Christianity for long because it is becoming less convenient and less accepted to be a Christian. Soon, the fakes will fade away and become silent because it will become more and more difficult to be a Christian.

The fact remains that if I wouldn’t have had people in my life who were willing to tell me about Jesus even though I didn’t necessarily want to hear it. I would still be in the same situation that I was for so many years; pretending to be happy but miserable when no one was around to see it.

So, this has been my awkward attempt to tell my Facebook buddies about Jesus. Do I believe? Absolutely! Did I check my brain at the door and just blindly accept the Bible? No way! I have been looking for ways to disprove it for years because I wanted to make sure it was nothing like the numerous “belief systems” out there that take advantage of so many people.

So, if this sceptical guy chooses to accept the Bible as truth and believe in Jesus after trying to poke holes in the Bible for years, maybe it’s worth your time too. Now, I understand that some of you don’t want to read these things from me and I will not be offended if you choose to ignore me. I just hope you’ll think about all of this. Remember, you do not have to be perfect to approach God, Jesus has taken care of that for you.

– A Nerd

Go Team-Awkward!

When there is no hope

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More often that I would like to admit, I spell a word so badly that even spellcheck and the entire Internet can’t figure out what I was trying to spell.  I have even managed to convince myself a couple of times after seeing the “correct” spelling that I’m still right and I mentally curse the english language.

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There’s so much technology packed into this little guy! I have to keep walking even though it’s painful, but the One helps me stay motivated. I won’t be running any marathons in the near future, but my health is so much better with consistent activity.


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The Cold Steel Hold Out 2 with CTS-XHP steel is an excellent knife for everyday carry. It’s thin, strong and has excellent edge retention. The four inch blade is an excellent slicer and it would make an excellent addition to your pack on your next camping trip.

Since I’m a computer nerd, it’s obviously dangerous for me to carry anything sharp. I’ve been known to injure myself with a calculator. However, this knife demands my full attention and is therefore “safe” because I have a healthy respect for what it can do. I didn’t respect the calculator and I paid the price.


The Hold Out virtually disappears in your pocket, but when you need to put it to work, it’s strong enough to tackle nearly any task. You’ll be amazed how solid the G10 handle feels in your hand and the lock is truly amazing.

The best news is that you’re not going to have to take out a loan to purchase this knife. You can pick one up for under $90.00 on Amazon. Believe me, that is an excellent deal for a knife of this quality.


If you’re looking for a high quality pocket knife with one of the strongest locks in existence, this may be the one. I’m very particular when it comes to knives, but I have no problem recommending this knife wholeheartedly. Give it a shot, you won’t be sorry. It’s Nerd Approved!

God Bless!

– TheHumanNerd



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Cimarron, CO

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Pikes Peak

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